Time flies

Ok, so I guess my update never came a couple of months ago. I got reminded of how fast time goes by when I got a call the other day from a newspaper here in Sweden. She was asking what I’m doing now (in relation to my time in Idol a couple of years ago) and I realized I owe it to you guys to update this blog more frequently. Even I know that this amount of time is way to long. :)

I’ve been really busy working, and moved in with my sister recently. But I’ve also managed to get some writing and recording done in between- both with songwriters in LA and in Sweden. Even though I’d rather be writing in LA instead of on Skype I feel like I’m happy being back in Sweden for now. I’m in a good place, just changed my job and hopefully that will make room for more time with the piano in the future.

I guess it’s a good thing that I have my instagram and twitterfeed here on the page so that the page isn’t entirely dead at times. :)

Ok- enough apologizing, take care!



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