”In The Back Of My Mind”

I’ve finally finished up two songs, trying to describe two very important and very emotional subjects for me. I always start with an emotion, pouring my heart out on a piece of paper, a computer, or whatever is applicable. It’s when I’m done with that, when I’ve drained the emotion or feeling that I have in that moment, that’s when I start sorting it out. Handling my issue or subject, trying to define it as honest as I can without handing you my diary in a song. After that, if anyone can identify and relate to my song, that’s when I’ve done my job.

I was scared for a long time to showcase songs that I’ve written by myself. Kind of like stage fright, but solely when it came to my own songs. The first time I played one of my songs in class here at MI I was shaking, almost crying. Then I got the response from my classmates and I realized how different the feeling gets when it’s your own work you’re performing. You can’t blame any flaws on anyone else, but the credit is on you. And realizing that was breathtaking, that’s when I started to want to show other people my songs and I gained confidence. It’s not about if you like my songs, it’s about me liking them enough to show them to you and allow myself to get vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to accept that not everyone is going to like my music, but it’s ok.

Thats why, for me, the two songs does not only reflect two extremely emotional parts of my life. Releasing them symbolize a mile stone for me. I did it, I survived Los Angeles for six months on my own and I feel like I have learnt so much and grown a tremendous amount as a person. I am so ready to go back to Sweden and do my thing when this experience ends.

I want to end this with saying that I am so grateful for all your support, it has been amazing. So if I can do anything to thank you guys for being there for me, it’s delivering these two songs to you. Thank You!


Ett svar till “”In The Back Of My Mind”

  1. Morgan Myrling

    Grattis till dina framgångar och tack för din fina gåva. Tycker verkligen om det du förmedlar och uttrycket. Spännande att fortsätta följa din resa. Stort LYCKA TILL på vägen💐


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