Recording & Mixing

In the mixing stage of the first track of what I’m hoping to be a longer collaborative project with two amazing songwriters/producers here in Sweden. Very exciting to feel that I’ve found two people that I can trust to work with. Hopefully we’ll start working on song number two this weekend.

Have a great weekend guys! :)


Time flies

Ok, so I guess my update never came a couple of months ago. I got reminded of how fast time goes by when I got a call the other day from a newspaper here in Sweden. She was asking what I’m doing now (in relation to my time in Idol a couple of years ago) and I realized I owe it to you guys to update this blog more frequently. Even I know that this amount of time is way to long. :)

I’ve been really busy working, and moved in with my sister recently. But I’ve also managed to get some writing and recording done in between- both with songwriters in LA and in Sweden. Even though I’d rather be writing in LA instead of on Skype I feel like I’m happy being back in Sweden for now. I’m in a good place, just changed my job and hopefully that will make room for more time with the piano in the future.

I guess it’s a good thing that I have my instagram and twitterfeed here on the page so that the page isn’t entirely dead at times. :)

Ok- enough apologizing, take care!

Graduation and my trip home!

Some pictures of graduation and my trip home. :)


Graduation day :)


Time to go home.. These guys came by to say goodbye before I went to the airport.


After crying all the way to LAX I got ready for the long flight back to Sweden.


Then at the airport the first thing I get to see is these babies running towards me.

My parents picked me up at the airport and then we went to surprise my sister who thought it was one whole week left til I was coming home. The chock and happiness was overwhelming for both of us. We have that kind of sister relationship where were not only sisters but also best friends. I have a video of that but don’t think I can post it here :(

I’ll fill you guys in on my week in Sweden since then later. Hope you’re all good!

Sweden Visiting

The last week two friends from Sweden have been here visiting, and we’ve had a great time! I’ve had finals all week though but I only have one left – today – and then I have the graduation ceremony. Done with logic, visual media, pro tools and all the business classes. Now there is only recording techniques left, which I think is the hardest one. Fingers crossed..

The guys left yesterday for Vegas (can’t say I’m not jealous) to see Avicii! Right when they left another friend showed up to stay here for a couple of days though :) I feel a little bit homesick right now and really can’t wait to see my loved ones in Sweden. Helps to have people around when that feeling comes around.

10009313_10152334076846468_863175915_nPic from wednesday night at No Vacancy with the Swedes.

”In The Back Of My Mind”

I’ve finally finished up two songs, trying to describe two very important and very emotional subjects for me. I always start with an emotion, pouring my heart out on a piece of paper, a computer, or whatever is applicable. It’s when I’m done with that, when I’ve drained the emotion or feeling that I have in that moment, that’s when I start sorting it out. Handling my issue or subject, trying to define it as honest as I can without handing you my diary in a song. After that, if anyone can identify and relate to my song, that’s when I’ve done my job.

I was scared for a long time to showcase songs that I’ve written by myself. Kind of like stage fright, but solely when it came to my own songs. The first time I played one of my songs in class here at MI I was shaking, almost crying. Then I got the response from my classmates and I realized how different the feeling gets when it’s your own work you’re performing. You can’t blame any flaws on anyone else, but the credit is on you. And realizing that was breathtaking, that’s when I started to want to show other people my songs and I gained confidence. It’s not about if you like my songs, it’s about me liking them enough to show them to you and allow myself to get vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to accept that not everyone is going to like my music, but it’s ok.

Thats why, for me, the two songs does not only reflect two extremely emotional parts of my life. Releasing them symbolize a mile stone for me. I did it, I survived Los Angeles for six months on my own and I feel like I have learnt so much and grown a tremendous amount as a person. I am so ready to go back to Sweden and do my thing when this experience ends.

I want to end this with saying that I am so grateful for all your support, it has been amazing. So if I can do anything to thank you guys for being there for me, it’s delivering these two songs to you. Thank You!


Lying in the sun just enjoying life, should be figuring out what to put into the pricing and promotion part of my marketing plan. Tonight I’m entering the studio with a friend recording a new song and then I’m probably gonna have a pretty slow night. Need to get up tomorrow and study again. Hope you all are great!

Website, feedback please!

So in school these past months I’ve been recording and mixing two songs completely on my own, with help of teachers and friends of course. Beyond that I have a bluesy project with favorite guitarist Logan and am still writing with some amazing songwriters besides that. I had two important meetings this week, or three – depending on how you look at it. Just keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to jinx any of my opportunities. Anyways, right now I’m building my website. Could you guys check it out and let me know what you think? Would make me very happy. Remember, it’s still under construction so I really appreciate your thoughts :)

Have a great thursday night!

Swedes in LA

Natasha has been here visiting from Sweden for the last ten days, that’s why I’ve seemed to fallen off the face of the social media earth. We’ve had SO much fun and I feel like we’ve been pretty much unstoppable, doing things continuously and just having fun. It has been amazing and the homesickness I might have had before she got here is all gone now. I feel so great and kind of want her to never go home again. She is supposed to fly out tomorrow but trying to rebook the ticket tonight to thursday instead, so fingers crossed for that :)!

Hope you all are great, I’ll update you more of what we’ve been up to after she’s left. Tonight we’re going to a club to check out a couple of bands with some friends! :)


Say Something – Chris Thompson and Alexis Brooke

My friend Alexis did this great cover of ”Say Something” with Chris Thompson, you guys should check it out :)


So yesterday I did a photoshoot at school with the amazing photographer Emilie Elizabeth. My dear friend Natalie Aspehult is great with makeup and was kind enough to help with mine before the shoot. I must say I am very happy with the result and hope that all the pictures came out good too.

Some pictures from before and some that Natalie took during the shoot:

Ended yesterday with a whole lot of dancing,
hope your weekend was as good as mine!